Instructions to give online to Covenant Baptist Church

Giving to Covenant Baptist Church

We believe that giving to the church of Jesus Christ is a regular act of cheerful worship that is primarily for members of that local church. (See 1 Corinthians 16:2 and 2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

Beginning back in 2020 we set up the ability to give to Covenant Baptist Church through Interac E-Transfer (Email Money Transfer).  Depending on your financial institution, this can often be sent without cost.  The vast majority of financial institutions in Canada support to ability to send Interac E-Transfers, if you are unsure, you can check Interac's list here.

To donate to Covenant Baptist Church for the first time via an Interac E-Transfer, can be accomplished in three easy steps:

1.    Log into your online banking profile or mobile banking app, select the option to send an Interac E-Transfer and see add recipient/contact

2.    Enter the email address:  For contact name please enter: Covenant Baptist Church

a)    If your bank has a character limit that prevents “Covenant Baptist Church” as an entry, you can enter “Covenant Baptist Ch”

b)    If your bank requires a first name: Covenant and last name: Baptist Church

3.    Enter the amount of your offering, and press send.  If you leave the "message" field blank it will be deposited to the General Fund.  If you wish to designate it to "Missions" or "Benevolence" please enter that into the Memo field.  

Thank you for your support of the ministry.  If you would like to give and cannot give via Interac E-Transfer, you can still mail your cheques to our Treasurer, Deacon Ronald Santos.  If you would like the mailing address, please send us a message.